Criminal Files  MOD – Special Squad {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked Levels, No ADS)
Criminal Files  MOD – Special Squad {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked Levels, No ADS)

Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad 8.1 APK MOD (Unlocked Levels, No ADS)

By The Toan - 20/02/2024 (2 weeks ago) - 79MB
Name Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad
Updated On 20/02/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher HFG Entertainments
Size 79MB
Version 8.1
MOD Features Unlocked Levels, No ADS
Update 20/02/2024 (2 weeks ago )

Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad is an investigative game attracting attention today. This is where players will play the role of a talented detective to solve complex cases. At the same time, uncover the mystery. The game offers an engaging experience full of challenges and logic. In Criminal Files, MOD players will face mysterious criminal cases, from murders to complex criminal activities. Players must search for traces, collect evidence, capture details, and build connections to solve these cases. The discovery and analysis of information will help players solve complex mysteries and find the truth behind each case.

Download Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad – Investigate mysterious cases

Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad brings a highly engaging experience. You play as a talented detective to solve unpredictable cases. The investigative process requires concentration, understanding, and the ability to reason. It is the basis for analyzing information and finding the truth behind each case. Players will face a series of complex cases. Each case gives the original traces and related information. You have to collect evidence yourself and find connections about the case. The investigation process requires the player to perform various activities. For example, finding traces at the scene, analyzing evidence in the laboratory… Detailed investigation and investigation play an essential role in determining the motive, the culprit. It is the premise to proceed to the next step of the investigation. Each case in the game is a separate story. Along with that are hidden details and aspects. Players must reason, make assumptions, and rely on evidence to build a case scenario.

Solve puzzles

Puzzles can be secrets hidden under the cover of episodes or messages hidden in items. Or it needs to be solved by finding the connection between the evidence and the connection. Players need to combine information from many different sources. Examples include evidence at the scene, information from witnesses, and suggestions provided. The puzzles in the game are vibrant. It could be building a puzzle from pieces of evidence, finding hidden objects in images, decoding information, or uncovering patterns and patterns behind events. Each puzzle brings a new challenge. It requires players to think creatively and find approaches from many different angles. Solving puzzles helps players go far in solving cases. It also promotes logical thinking and analytical skills. In addition, the feeling of success after solving a puzzle also creates excitement in playing Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad.

Improve skills

The skill upgrade system in Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad allows players to focus on specific areas. For example, analyzing evidence, searching for traces, and thinking logically. Or the ability to interact with witnesses. Each of these areas has basic and advanced skills. Players can choose according to their preferences and playing style. Upgrading skills requires players to accumulate experience points or resources through work. They are obtained by completing quests and challenges in the game. When there are enough points, players can use them to unlock new skills or upgrade existing skills. Each skill can bring specific benefits to investigation and case resolution. Thereby helping players face challenges more effectively. In addition, players can also buy and upgrade support tools. Examples include close-up lenses, substance analysis tools, fingerprint scanners, and more. These tools enhance the ability to find evidence and analyze information in the field.

Explore places

The crime scene is where the player begins the investigation. From different perspectives, players must uncover hidden details and capture critical information. The environment is meticulously designed with findable objects and items. It creates remarkable engagement and engagement. The laboratory is where the player conducts analysis of evidence, decrypts encryption, and finds out the information hidden in the evidence. Here, players can use special tools and equipment to analyze patterns and find links between pieces of evidence. This requires concentration and the ability to reason to find important information. In addition, the game also brings players to different places related to the case—for example, the place of interrogation and witness work.

Criminal Files MOD – Special Squad is an addictive puzzle and investigation game. The birth of the game gives players a rewarding entertainment experience. With logical elements, beautiful graphics, and delicate sound, this game conquers players. It is a challenging and exploratory investigative adventure. Let’s show MODLMH your ability and intelligence to complete every case in the game.