Detention 3.1 APK MOD [Unlocked]
Detention 3.1 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Detention 3.1 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Detention is a unique adventure horror game. The game is a mixture of psychological fantasy and deep story. The Red Candle Games developer team developed them. The game brings players into a world full of mystery and strangeness. Where they will discover horrifying truths. Detention is set in a 1960s high school in Taiwan during political turmoil. Players will play the role of two main characters, Ray and Wei. You must face mental troubles and learn about strange events around you. From supernatural phenomena to secrets of the past. The game is a dramatic and complex journey. Detention also offers a deeply spiritual story of guilt, emotional distress, and the consequences of living in difficult times. Combining detective and psychological elements, the game takes the player on an unpredictable journey.

Detention MOD APK – Horror game

Detention brings a gloomy and tense atmosphere. Players face bizarre and haunting situations. The horror genre in this game is not just about creating horror. This is also associated with the plot and the psychology of the character. Thereby creating a different layer of feelings and emotions. While the player controls the characters to learn the mystery around them, they face unexpected horror situations. Supernatural phenomena and strange events will occur. They add to feelings of insecurity and anxiety during play. Isolation, darkness, and special spatial music create a terrifying impact on the player’s emotions. The game’s plot is a significant factor in creating the horror atmosphere. Players will discover terrifying secrets. The story unfolds layer by layer, and the mystery is revealed gradually. Character development coupled with psychological obsession creates a tense situation.

Mystery puzzle

The mysterious puzzle in Detention is the element that brings intellectual challenge. These puzzles are the way to go far in the game. At the same time, it also helps players better understand the psychological and secretive part of the story. Puzzles in the game are diverse and require players to think logically, find evidence, and solve mysteries, from figuring out how to unlock doors and find specific objects to looking at your surroundings to find the weak point of a situation. Players must combine information and thinking to advance in the game. Each puzzle is usually directly related to the story and opens up new plot parts. Therefore, solving mysteries is about progressing in the game and helps players better understand characters and events. The information discovered through the puzzle contributes to constructing a complex and fascinating world.

Explore the environments

The environment in the game is usually the setting often found in everyday life—for example, the school, the room, the forest, or the mysterious temple. However, light, sound, and visual presentation make each environment terrifying and haunting. Light plays a vital role in creating the environment. Shimmering lights or shadows will create a different atmosphere. Thereby creating gloom. Sound is used to increase feelings of tension. Strange and mysterious sounds create an uneasy space and stimulate the player’s senses. The environment also often contains small, meaningful details, such as items, documents, and drawings on the wall. Players must explore to gather information and evidence to help them advance in the story.

Meet the characters

In the game Detention, interacting with the characters provides a refined interactive experience. The characters in the game are not merely static images. They feel and react based on how you interact with them. When you approach a character, you will see facial expressions. Their gaze and gestures will change according to how you approach or communicate. This creates a genuine and close feeling. How you interact and choose in dialogue will directly impact the relationship between the main character and the people around you. Each choice can take the story in a different direction.

Detention has created a mysterious and dramatic experience for players. The deep plot and fascinating details have blended to create a mysterious world. Exquisite graphics and music create a unique atmosphere. The game can require high concentration and patience to solve complex puzzles. Detention is an option worth trying. Join MODLMH to overcome fear and discover this horror world’s mysteries.

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Name ID Detention
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher 赤燭遊戲
Size 56MB
New version 3.1
MOD Info Unlocked
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