DogLife: BitLife Dogs 1.8.2 APK MOD [Top Dog/Time Machine Unlocked]
DogLife: BitLife Dogs 1.8.2 APK MOD [Top Dog/Time Machine Unlocked]

DogLife: BitLife Dogs 1.8.2 APK MOD [Top Dog/Time Machine Unlocked]

By The Toan - (Period 4 weeks ago)

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a game that allows you to experience a dog’s life through BitLife’s perspective. This game is an expanded version, but you will play as a dog this time and experience life from the pet’s perspective. In DogLife: BitLife Dogs, you can choose and customize your dog from the time your puppy is young. You will have to manage its life. Includes taking care of your health, interacting with your owner, and participating in other fun activities. The dog’s life will depend on your decisions and choices. DogLife: BitLife Dogs features cute graphics and a friendly interface. You can easily interact with and follow your dog’s life. You can explore the world from a pet’s perspective and see life through a dog’s eyes.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK – A dog’s journey to find attention

From the moment the dog was a puppy, it began its journey. You will find it seeks affection and attention from its owner. In the first days of life, the dog goes through a period of teaching and learning from its owner. It must learn to stand and sit down. They are even doing fun movements like jumping and wagging their tails. When he fails, the dog never gives up and is always enthusiastic to make his owner happy. As the dog grows, it will explore the world around it and find ways to impress others. Can participate in activities such as playing football or going for walks. It will find ways to attract the attention of others. A dog’s cutest moments are when it follows its owner. You will see its happiness when it is patted or nibbled on delicious food. Dogs also always find ways to protect and take care of their owners.

Four unique environments

In a warm home, the dog can enjoy peace and comfort. There is a comfortable bed to rest and a delicious bowl of food—toys to keep your dog happy. At the park, dogs can freely run and jump and make friends with other dogs. You can also participate in activities such as throwing balls and playing on the swings. Even organize exciting high jump competitions. This is an environment for the dog to show its agility and sportsmanship. In addition, dogs can explore wild nature in the forest, hunt, and experience outdoor life. However, this is also a place with many challenges and dangers. Includes wild animals and extreme weather. The discovery here can help the dog develop his instincts. In the city, your dog can participate in many fun activities. For example, you are browsing through shops and participating in social events. There’s even a chance to become a famous dog TV star.

Collect achievements and ribbons

Achievements are particular goals or successes that your dog can achieve. This can include completing specific tasks, participating in competitions, and winning. Or personal records in health and spirit. It will be recorded in the dog’s record book. At the same time, it makes you feel proud of this development. Ribbons are symbols of exceptional achievements your dog has achieved. A specific type of ribbon will symbolize each achievement. For example, you may receive a gold ribbon if your dog has won a famous dog show. Ribbons are more than just an honor. This is also a way for players to be proud of what their dog has achieved.

Interact with other animals.

In DogLife: BitLife Dogs, your dog can meet and make friends with other dogs in different environments, such as a park, the beach, or even in your neighborhood. You can see them as friends or rivals in activities like racing. Interacting with other dogs helps create an enjoyable community. You can observe and interact with wild animals if you take your dog into the wild or a natural area. For example, rabbits, birds, or even predators. This helps the dog experience the natural world in the wild. Especially in the forest, dogs can participate in hunting. You must guide your dog to track the prey and hunt successfully. This helps him develop agility and hunting skills.

DogLife: BitLife Dogs offers a fun and unique simulation experience. The game allows players to see life from a dog’s perspective. This is an attractive addition to the BitLife world, with cute graphics and a friendly interface. It opens a new window to explore pet life. Managing a dog from puppyhood to adulthood creates a memorable experience. Let’s join MODLMH to monitor the development and decide the destiny of your pet.

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Name ID DogLife: BitLife Dogs
Updated On 24/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Candywriter, LLC
Size 104MB
New version 1.8.2
MOD Info Unlock Top Dog/Time Machine
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Update 24/05/2024 (4 weeks ago )