Dragon Battle 15.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Diamonds, Resources]
Dragon Battle 15.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Diamonds, Resources]

Dragon Battle 15.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Diamonds, Resources]

By The Toan - 02/01/2024 (4 months ago) - 136MB
Name Dragon Battle
Updated On 02/01/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tap Pocket
Size 136MB
Version 15.0
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Resources
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Update 02/01/2024 (4 months ago )

Dragon Battle is an exciting fighting and adventure game. It takes you into the magical world of mystical dragons. In the game, you will become a talented dragon trainer. Also, explore stunning locations, collect and breed diverse dragon species, engage in dramatic battles and build a powerful dragon army. The game possesses excellent graphics and a variety of dragon designs. You will be immersed in the colourful and mysterious world of legendary creatures. Going through exciting adventures, you will see the diversity and richness of the dragon world and face challenges and challenging quests. Besides collecting and breeding dragons, you also have the opportunity to interact with different dragon species. Upgrade equipment, explore new locations and participate in epic battles. Dragon Battle gives you the great experience of being a great dragon trainer. Simultaneously explore and fight in a vast and magical world.

Download Dragon Battle MOD APK – Dragon training

Dragon Battle allows you to build a powerful dragon squad to participate in combat and challenge matches. You will play the role of a talented dragon trainer. Your task is to take care, train and develop your dragons. Each dragon species in the game has its characteristics. Includes powers, skills and special abilities. You need to learn and find ways to leverage the strengths of each species to build a diverse and balanced squad by training your dragon through activities such as competitions, quests and explorations. You can raise their level, skills and strength. It’s not just strength training. You must also care for and build a close relationship with the dragons. Meet their needs, and create a suitable living environment. Along with that is learning each child’s personality to create a special bond.

Join the fight

Coming to Dragon Battle, you will face fierce monsters and powerful opponents. It requires you to make good use of both combat skills and tactics. The game’s combat system is intelligently and diversely designed. It allows you to choose the proper dragon formations and skills to face different situations. You can defeat your opponents by using the dragons’ attack, defence and support skills. Thereby protecting the world from the ravages of monsters. In addition to fighting monsters, you also have the opportunity to participate in PvP matches. These are battles that challenge you with other players. You will be showing your strength and fighting skills. It also brings a sense of competition and excitement.

Collect and breed to create an army of dragons

Dragon Battle allows you to participate in the collection and breeding of dragons. This activity aims to create a powerful dragon army. In your journey, you must explore the vast world to find and collect rare dragon eggs. Once you have the dragon eggs in hand, you can put them in the nest, waiting for them to hatch into mighty dragons. However, the breeding process is not simply a matter of waiting. You need to take care of and fulfil the needs of the mother dragon, from providing food to creating the best living environment. As a result, they can grow healthy. As dragons mature, you can train and train them to improve their level and combat skills. You can also combine breeding between different dragon species. New species with unique abilities will appear in your army.

Explore places

Dragon Battle opens before your eyes a vast world. Those are beautiful and magical places to explore, from majestic mountains to immense savannahs. Each location in the game has its uniqueness. As you explore the locations, you will meet new species of dragons. Learn about their culture and lifestyle. You can collect unique types of resources from different locations. They will be used in the training and development of the dragon army. Exploring locations also expands your knowledge of the game’s world. You can learn about the history, legends and interesting stories involved. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for you to find new tasks and challenges.

Dragon Battle is a great experience for those who love the world of dragons. The game offers an attractive combination of fighting, tending and building a powerful dragon army. The beautiful graphics, unique design of the dragons, and the gameplay’s flexibility make for an immersive experience. Join MODLMH on unlimited adventures in Dragon Battle.