Epic Race 3D 200310 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of items, No ADS]

Epic Race 3D 200310 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of items, No ADS]

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Epic Race 3D 200310 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of items, No ADS]

Prepare for parkour-style adventures in Epic Race 3D. Role-play as a character in the game to enter the journey across the terrain. Accordingly, you will have to conquer obstacles on a certain path. From there complete the mission to continue with a new adventure. With countless difficult challenges waiting ahead. You will perform parkour techniques to pass in order to prove yourself. At the same time receive attractive rewards to use to unlock much new content. This game belongs to the racing game genre, taking place in offline mode. When participating can play completely free with interesting features. Along with that are uniquely designed graphics and fun sounds.

Epic Race 3D MOD APK – Parkour Style Rank Competition Race

Don’t just race alone in parkour racing. You will be competing with one or two other competitors. Aim to overcome challenging obstacles to show skill. As the process progresses, the character in the game will automatically perform parkour-style actions. Under your control to run forward and cross the terrain. With the goal of running to the final finish line to complete a journey. According to the rerun mechanism used, after each obstacle hit will start over at the previous challenge. The race will last until one of the competitors finishes first. From there will end the journey, and achievements are shown through rankings.Epic Race 3D MOD

Level competition with progressively harder challenges

Based on the content of the game revolves around a parkour-style race. Unlock levels with increasing challenges. Each level takes place on a stage in the setting of a studio with different challenges. The third-person perspective from the back controls the character to run forward. Compete with opponents to overcome challenging exams. Aim to reach the finish line with the lead to win first place. From there get rewards and continue to new levels.

The difficulty also increases from there with increasingly difficult challenges. Shown through improved opponent’s skills, can better overcome obstacles. Along with that, the appearance of obstacles in the parkour competition changed. As well as adding new challenges that are more difficult to overcome. That will make it difficult for you to complete the task.Game Epic Race 3D MOD

Reward received

After completing a parkour race in Epic Race 3D. Based on the achievement achieved, expressed through the ranking of the finish line. From there will be rewarded with gold coins and accumulated percentage points with the corresponding amount. Accordingly, gold coins are used to perform trading activities. Unlock and shop in the game store. Percentage points are accumulated to unlock new characters when 100% is reached. Go through the levels, in turn completing the competitions with excellent achievements. From there will receive larger gold coins, as well as the opportunity to unlock many new characters.Tai Epic Race 3D MOD

Epic Level

Complete each contest in turn in ascending order. When reaching a certain stage will be entered the epic level. Here you do not have to compete with competitors. Instead, they will do parkour activities alone to overcome challenges. Also collect the gold coins that appear during the contest. Through the best point-touch mechanism for the character to perform the correct parkour technique. Accordingly, the system displays a horizontal bar divided into several colors. Along with that is a moving line, you need to touch exactly in the middle to stop. From there help the character perform parkour action with the best ability.Download Epic Race 3D MOD

Various exams

During the race, you will have to pass many different tests. For example, running over steep inclines, swinging ropes, up barbells, moving through gears,… and much more. Each test will have a different way to pass. Requires your precision and flexibility to control the character’s movement. Besides, it should be noted that there are some obstacles that move randomly. This will make you feel more difficult to conquer.

Epic Race 3D game has many different characters. They are all shaped in stickman style. With the difference shown in body color and outfit. For example yellow, purple, green, blue, and even the superhero stickman. These are just some of the characters mentioned, there are many more to be discovered after joining.

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Name ID Epic Race 3D
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Good Job Games
Size 96MB
New version 200310
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