Escape Logan Estate 2.09 APK MOD [Unlocked]
Escape Logan Estate 2.09 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Escape Logan Estate 2.09 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Escape Logan Estate is a thrilling adventure and puzzle game developed and published by a promising indie corporation, where players will embark on an intense and enchanting journey into a mansion. secret. The game combines clever puzzle elements with an engaging story, creating a unique interactive experience. In Escape Logan Estate, players take on the role of an adventurer named Anne, who has received a suspicious invitation from a wealthy heiress named Richard Logan. A date at the Logan Estate allows Anne to uncover the Logan family’s secrets and learn about Richard’s mysterious death. However, when she steps into the lavish mansion, she soon realizes things are not as they seem.

Escape Logan Estate MOD APK – A visit to the Logan Estate

Escape Logan Estate takes players on a journey to discover more about the history and secrets of Logan Estate. Players can access historical sites when entering the Logan estate: stone statues and ancient ruins. The Logan Estate is famous for its mysteries and dark misunderstandings. Here, they will discover new traces and hints from finding traces to combining pieces of information. Thereby helping them go further in solving the puzzles in the game. A visit to the Logan estate is more than just a piece of puzzle-solving. It also gives depth to the plot and connects to the house’s past. The discoveries at the Logan estate will bring players closer to the truth and secrets waiting to be revealed.

Dozens of challenging puzzles

In Escape Logan Estate, players will face dozens of challenging puzzles. This creates a journey of discovery and solving the mystery in the Logan Estate house. These puzzles are varied and rich, from decrypting ciphers to finding hidden objects in the environment. Each puzzle requires creativity, detailed observation, and the logical thinking ability of the player. The puzzles in the game are often meticulously designed. Requires players to learn and interact closely with the surrounding environment, from finding trail patterns to determining direction to analyzing tracks to solve mysteries. Players will have to use all their talents to overcome complex challenges. Each puzzle plays an integral part in revealing the truth behind the story and uncovering the mystery of the Logan Estate. The feeling of excitement and achievement when solving each puzzle is an integral part of the game experience. It prevents players from searching for solutions and going further in the adventure.

Explore the environment

The environment is uniquely designed, with each room and a hidden corner. This brings a sense of liveliness and truth to the player. Players will have the opportunity to learn every detail in each room. From the objects on the table to the drawings and books in the library. Traces and hints related to puzzles will be hidden in dark corners. Or a refuge in the environment. It requires players to observe conscientiously to detect them. This also contributes to the story’s construction and gives a sense of drama, from finding the puzzle piece to revealing the secrets of the Logan Estate. Players will experience exciting and curious moments while exploring the environment. Escape Logan Estate is an immersive experience in the living space of Logan Estate.

Rich story

The story of the game Escape Logan Estate is a rich and dramatic work. It takes the player on a journey full of mystery and discovery. When you enter the door, players discover strange trails and challenging puzzles by interacting with the environment, gathering information, and solving complex puzzles. You will gradually learn about the truth behind the Logan Estate. The story is revealed step by step through dramatic hints and developments. Players will have to deal with secrets and conspiracies. Strange phenomena appear in this house, from exploring history to asking questions about the plot and characters. The story will continue to reveal new sides. At the same time constantly make players curious about the result.

Escape Logan Estate has created an engaging experience for players. This is a combination of the excitement of solving puzzles and the excitement of uncovering the mystery story. Thanks to rich and detailed environments, along with varied and challenging puzzles. The game has created an exciting work that takes players on a dramatic adventure. This is an excellent choice for players who love this game genre. Join MODLMH for fun and unexpected challenges in Escape Logan Estate.

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Name ID Escape Logan Estate
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Snapbreak
Size 82MB
New version 2.09
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )