Exion Hill Racing 24.5.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold]
Exion Hill Racing 24.5.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold]

Exion Hill Racing 24.5.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold]

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Test the skills of a professional racer in the game Exion Hill Racing at MODLMH. The content revolves around driving over difficult terrain. Through the horizontal perspective control the vehicle moving on the road. Your task is to control the stability to control the car to complete the dangerous road. From there, win to prove your skills. As well as claiming to be a good racer who can conquer the terrain. This is an offline game of the speed racing game genre. You can play completely free after downloading. The game takes place in a single-player game, with no competitors or obstacles. Instead, it is the challenge of the terrain that hinders the driving process forward.

Download Exion Hill Racing MOD APK – Offroad Driving On Hilly Roads

Build realistic 2D-based graphics. Recreate the scene on the hilly roads. Accordingly, you will go through craggy cliffs with uneven and uneven road surfaces. To increase the vibrancy of the rider during operation. The motion effects of the car are designed to be flexible, along with smooth transitions. Combined with realistic physics effects when the car goes through different terrains. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the sound quality. Simulate the sound of the car’s engine when moving on the road. In particular, the sound will be reproduced according to each speed range that the racing car operates. Provides a realistic and vivid driving experience.Exion Hill Racing MOD

Vehicle control mechanism

The game’s console is optimally designed. Accordingly, use the two left and right arrow keys displayed in the two corners of the screen. You just need to touch and hold to use it. For the right arrow is used to increase the vehicle’s moving speed. Conversely, the left arrow is used to slow down and come to a complete stop. Depends on the circumstances that take place during the driving process. It is necessary to flexibly combine two joysticks to control the speed of the vehicle. From there, you can overcome the difficult terrain to complete the challenging race. In general, the operating mechanism of the racing car is designed to be simple. But to drive stably and not have an accident is very difficult.Game Exion Hill Racing MOD

Missions by Level

Perform off-road driving missions in the Exion Hill Racing game. Through the levels in order in the hilly environment. Each level opens up a single race on a treacherous track. From a racer’s horizontal perspective control the vehicle. Control the vehicle’s stability to move forward. Ensure safety when going through bumpy, bumpy, and uneven roads. The goal is to complete the journey to reach the final point. From there, you will complete tasks and receive rewards based on achievements during driving. Shown by the number of gold coins collected on the way.Tai Exion Hill Racing MOD

Many changes when reaching new levels

There are many changes after coming to racing to the next level. Shown through the rough changing terrain, providing greater challenges when driving on the road. The distance it takes to travel from the starting point to the destination is longer. Make it difficult for you to complete the journey. Even a small mistake can cause the vehicle to overturn, meaning an accident and mission failure. But besides that, there will be a chance to collect more coins during driving. In particular, the system will unlock new vehicles for free after coming to the next level.

Diverse vehicle system

There are many different racing car models provided by the system. They are all designed based on real-life vehicles. But has been tweaked and redrawn to bring novelty. Help players feel excited when operating. These include sports cars, supercars, large displacement vehicles, SUVs, off-road, tractors, and many more. The difference between the models is reflected in the design and outstanding paint colors. The design on the head, body, and tail can be easily seen, along with the overall dimensions. Experiencing races on many levels, from which you will discover the game’s diverse vehicle system.Download Exion Hill Racing MOD

Use the money earned from off-road races at Exion Hill Racing. Vehicle upgrades can be made to enhance performance. Bringing superior performance in the next stages. Thereby it is possible to upgrade the engine, suspension, and tires. Each part plays an important role, directly determining the performance of the racing car. For example, the engine after upgrading will increase the power to make climbing easier. Or tires that improve traction.

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Name ID Exion Hill Racing
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher George Varga
Size 24MB
New version 24.5.1
MOD Info Unlimited Gold
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )