Extreme Landings Pro 3.7.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all planes unlocked]

Extreme Landings Pro 3.7.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all planes unlocked]

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Extreme Landings Pro 3.7.7 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, all planes unlocked]

Extreme Landings Pro is a realistic flight simulator game. The content revolves around the operation of controlling aircraft in the vast sky. But it is done in much more detail. You will have to perform complex console operations. With a lot of different control panels to operate the aircraft. From departing on the runway to flying in the sky. Finally landed safely on the runway. Moreover, there are many challenges that lie ahead. Will have to handle emergency situations during the flight. As well as overcoming extreme weather conditions that vary by time and place. Moreover, the game opens up a diverse mission system. With a series of challenges to conquer.

Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK – Highly Designed Flight Simulator

Become a pilot in Extreme Landings Pro. You will be involved in 36 missions to complete. There are more than 216 challenges to overcome. Along with that are more than 500 airports designed based on real life. Through the process of playing conquer challenges. You will have to handle more than 5000 possible emergency situations. Each scenario is inspired by real-life problems. According to the above information. Promises to bring an extremely realistic flying experience. Requires your skills to conquer them all. From there, prove your skills to become a professional pilot.Extreme Landings Pro

More than 36 missions

Perform 36 different missions in Extreme Landings Pro. Revolving around flying airplanes to many different locations. Each mission offers its own conditions, which you must follow. It is operating a plane that departs for another airport. That process will be done in a process, detailed simulation with each stage. After completing the mission, through the safe landing at the airport at another location. Then you can start the next mission. Every time a new task is performed, many factors change. Not only the flight location from the departure airport to the airport has to be further away. But there may also be emergency situations that need to be handled.Game Extreme Landings Pro

There are 216 challenges and more than 5000 scenarios

The process of performing missions in Extreme Landings Pro. Will face 216 challenges and more than 5000 situations. Every challenge that takes place will bring danger. Could cause the plane to crash. For example, environmental conditions change, and the weather becomes more severe. The plane shook due to the inability to maintain stability and balance. Adjust the height accordingly, sometimes it will have to lower the height from the ground. Or the plane lost control while operating in the air. Makes control very difficult. There are many more challenges and situations that will be recreated. You need flexible handling to operate the aircraft stably. From there complete the excellent task to prove yourself.Extreme Landings Pro

More than 500 airports

As introduced earlier about the airport system of Extreme Landings Pro. More than 500 airports are simulated in real life. With locations worldwide. Each airport is designed in its own style. Shown through the construction area on a large open land. There are also alerts and tools for signaling. Help pilots can observe from a distance, even easily seen in dark environments. Inspired by reality, each airport is simulated with a long runway. Help the pilot increase speed to take off or land when needed. However, to explore all the airports in the game. You need to complete each task in turn.

Aircraft Operation

The process of operating an aircraft in Extreme Landings Pro. After increasing the maximum speed on the runway. Successfully put the plane in the sky to proceed to the designated airport location. In the process, you can use the assist feature. Design parameters and turn on autopilot. Besides, it is necessary to observe the radar to fly according to the given route. At the same time must manage the amount of fuel, consumption, and balance of the aircraft’s weight. Help them to operate stably. Make sure your flight is as safe as possible. After successfully descending the runway and coming to a complete stop. Your mission can only be completed.Download Extreme Landings Pro

Modified MOD information of Extreme Landings Pro

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • all planes unlocked

Extreme Landings Pro’s flight control system is intricately designed. With a lot of different control panels reimagined. Takes a long time to get used to. But this very realistically simulates the steering mechanism for a pilot. Accordingly, you can adjust the altitude and low of the aircraft relative to the ground. Drain the fuel in the tank. Navigate to fly the most accurate route. There are many other control panels that will be explored in detail when participating.

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Name ID Extreme Landings Pro
Updated On 14/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher RORTOS
Size 484MB
New version 3.7.7
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, all planes unlocked
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