Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 5.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Huge Amount Of Tokens]
Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 5.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Huge Amount Of Tokens]

Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 5.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Huge Amount Of Tokens]

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Ready to participate in speed races in the game Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023? The scene opens on the traffic routes of Tokyo City. Accordingly, you will control your vehicle next to other opponents. Rely on 1vs1 racing mechanics on the road to prove your acceleration skills. As well as checking the vehicle’s ability to operate on the road. The goal is to overtake your opponent to take the lead, successfully reaching the finish line with the lead. At the same time, excellent achievements are achieved, which is reflected in the time it takes to complete the journey in a small amount of time. After the end of the race, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement. Then you can go to the next race, and continue to compete with other competitors in new stages.

Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 MOD APK – Speed ​​Race Takes Place On The Streets Of Tokyo

This is a game in the racing category of the publisher Hammerhead Studio. Get a realistic simulation system with a combination of 3D graphics. Use high-quality images to simulate the racing environment. To enhance the driving experience, motion effects are reproduced vividly. Expressed through the movement of flexible vehicles on the road. Not stopping there, the game’s sound system recreates reality. Expressed through the sound when pressing the accelerator, the sound will change with each speed range. Or when shifting the manual gear, the response sound from the tires moving on the road surface is simulated very realistically.Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 MOD

The gameplay takes place

The races in the game will be held in drag mode. Each race will be held according to the competitive mechanism 1vs1. Become a racer to drive your car to compete with another opponent on the road. Two cars will park on a starting line after the countdown to zero will start to depart. According to the game’s rules of winning and losing, the vehicle that reaches the finish line first will win. Achievements will be shown through time and other categories. Includes perfect start, perfect change, bonus, and completion time. Based on the achievements achieved will receive a reward with the corresponding amount.Game Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 MOD

Drag mode

Following the drag mode of the game, Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 was very interesting. Unlike other racing modes. Instead, the racers must combine many skills to be able to operate the vehicle on the road. Here the race will be held on a straight track. There are no bends and turns, and no obstacles to get in the way. At the same time, the drivers cannot collide with each other and cause an accident. Accordingly, speed is the main factor determining the results. Requires your acceleration skills to control the vehicle to the maximum speed in the shortest time. Through the operation of shifting gears according to each speed and rpm range to be able to accelerate forward.Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 MOD

Police car chase

In addition to speed races find the racer with the best record. You can also come to the theme of police force chase. Instead of driving a vehicle that competes with another competitor on a straight route. Here will control the traffic police car. The mission to chase the speed violation opponent on the street. In order to catch up, you will have to increase your speed quickly and take the lead. Only then can you complete the duties of a police officer? After that will be rewarded and continue to the new chase.

There are 15 racing cars

Get information about the game’s media system. Currently, there are 15 different racing cars on offer. Although not too much, it is still enough to use when participating. Accordingly, such as supercars, sports cars, muscle cars, and road cars. Each vehicle is uniquely designed. Shown through paint color, head design, body, and size. The performance of racing cars will not be the same. At the same time, the difference is also reflected in the technical parameters. From the maximum speed achieved, the gearbox and the engine power.Download Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023 MOD

After owning a racing car that you love in the game Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023. Can be used to participate in races for pure acceleration. But if you want better performance on the road. Will have to proceed to upgrade the racing car in the garage. Through various parts to customize such as changing the new engine, and improving acceleration. Moreover, it is possible to use nitro and increase the duration when activated. Helps vehicles reach maximum speed and travel longer distances. Besides you can change the appearance of the car. With different paint colors proceed with color change.

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Name ID Furious 8 Drag Racing 2023
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Hammerhead Studio
Size 60MB
New version 5.2
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money, Gems, Unlimited Tokens
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )