Girl Group Inc 1.2.91 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Girl Group Inc 1.2.91 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Girl Group Inc 1.2.91 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Girl Group Inc is a fun and creative music management simulation game. In this game, you will be taking on the role of a music manager. You will build and develop a girl group from creating and performing to managing the group’s career and business. Girl Group Inc gives you a top experience with management, creativity, and business elements. You will face challenges and difficult decisions from creating images, choosing music genres, designing costumes, and scheduling performances. Or even manage relationships between team members. The game allows you to show your creative talent and strategic thinking. It also requires the ability to manage and shape the group’s career.

Girl Group Inc MOD APK – Become a CEO

When you start Girl Group Inc, you must create a group of young people with potential. You will have the opportunity to customize the appearance, the name of the group, and the type of music they will pursue. From there, you’ll have to manage image creation, costume design, and performance scheduling for the group. Strategic and managerial skills are crucial to success as a CEO. You have to ensure that the group always grows in music and popularity. Simultaneously manage the team’s finances, timetables, and internal relationships. Decide on song releases, events, promotions, and collaborations. It would be best to consider these essential factors in addition to managing music activities. You must also build a relationship with the fans and the audience’s response to the group. The ability to interact with fans and know how to keep them excited and supportive is an essential part of the CEO role.

Idol training

You will have a list of skills that members need to master. Including singing, dancing, stage performance, and writing lyrics. Or even communication and interaction skills with fans. It would be best if you decided how to divide the training time to ensure that all members improve and develop evenly. Each skill will have its training system, where you can choose from programs, classes, and professional coaches or learn independently from materials and resources. These choices will affect the skill’s speed and level of improvement. It would be best if you managed the health and mood of the members. Over-training can cause stress and affect their psyche. Conversely, inadequate training can lead to a lack of skills. It would be best to find a balance to ensure they both become more talented and stay positive.

Business development

When starting, you will face initial challenges—for example, finding capital and building a brand image. You need to manage your budget wisely. Also, invest in the development of high-quality music production and performance skills. In addition to participating in performances, you can exploit many other business opportunities. This includes signing advertising contracts with well-known brands. Organize events to interact with fans. Release albums and singles to increase sales and revenue. Or expand the group’s brand into other areas such as fashion, cosmetics, or television. Business development Girl Group Inc. requires players to be able to manage finances, strategy, and creativity.


The most exciting part of Girl Group Inc is participating in performing activities. When your band is ready, you can begin their performance schedule. You’ll see band members perform songs you’ve created. This includes dance moves, vocals, and audience interaction. During the performance, you will need to monitor the situation of the members. This can require you to balance improving performance skills and the group’s mental health. Your performance results will depend on the decisions and efforts you make. Success in this will help strengthen the group’s reputation. It also attracts fans and opens up new opportunities. Examples include advertising contracts and more extensive show schedules.

With beautiful graphics and a friendly interface, Girl Group Inc allows you to immerse yourself in the world of music. Players experience growing from a relatively new group to a successful one. You will face exciting situations. Girl Group Inc is an excellent game for music lovers and management where you will embark on a journey full of challenges and excitement. Together with MODLMH, build and develop a successful girl group.

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Name ID Girl Group Inc
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
Size 97MB
New version 1.2.91
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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