Imposter 3D 9.10.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Dumb enemy, Get Rewards, No Ads]

Imposter 3D 9.10.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Dumb enemy, Get Rewards, No Ads]

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Imposter 3D 9.10.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Dumb enemy, Get Rewards, No Ads]

Imposter 3D is a game inspired by the Among Us game phenomenon. You will have an exciting adventure in the space that Imposter 3D creates. The attraction of the game is the freedom to choose characters. That means you can play as any character in the game. Players will begin exploration missions and meet other players. Your goal is to find the impostor among the people you have contacted. The game focuses on elements that challenge logic and verification. You will have to complete quests and discuss with other players to determine who is trustworthy and who is a liar.

Imposter 3D MOD APK – Online 3D horror game

Imposter 3D has brought the familiar gameplay of Among Us to a new level. Stunning 3D graphics and a variety of situations bring this effect. The environment in Imposter 3D is designed to be very detailed and gloomy. Bright lights, shadows, and haunting sounds create a tense atmosphere. You always feel the pressure to move in areas and carry out missions. In Imposter 3D, each player will be assigned a random role. You are either a team member or an imposter. The task of the players in the group is to complete tasks to ensure the safety of all. On the contrary, the impostor tries to prevent that and eliminate them one by one so as not to be detected. Intense gameplay requires careful memorization and observation. The ability to persuade and grasp the psychology of others is an essential skill. Players must cooperate to identify and eliminate the impostor. Or use your cunning to complete missions as an impostor.

Five game modes

Solo mode: In this mode, the player plays the team member role. You have to try to complete the mission alone. This creates a stressful experience. At the same time, it is also a way to improve observation skills and make good decisions.

Multiplayer mode: You will participate in the game with other players. You can create your room or join other rooms to challenge. This mode shows each person’s outstanding skills.

Friend mode: You can invite your friends to join you to create a squad game. This creates a better connection between friends and develops collaborative strategies.

Custom Mode: Imposter 3D allows you to customize some of the game’s settings, including playing time, number of players, and many other factors. You can create a playing experience that suits your preferences.

Six 3D maps

Imposter 3D’s maps are indeed a work of art in mobile games. With a combination of sophisticated design and the complexity of each level, Imposter 3D brings a fascinating experience. Each map has its theme, from a space base conducting an essential mission to a modern city with high-rise buildings and bustling streets. You will find yourself immersed in a world with many different landscapes. In addition, each map also has unique textures, such as corridors, laboratories, and hidden rooms. Details such as windows, tables, chairs, and decorative objects are designed meticulously. All contribute to creating a lively and attractive environment. The unique feature of Imposter 3D is that they constantly change difficulty and require different tactics. Players need to take advantage of their surroundings to achieve their goals.

Equipment and weapons

Players can equip their characters with valuable items such as helmets and armor. Or tools like observation systems and mission books. Helmets and armor protect from impostor attacks. Observation systems help monitor other people’s activities and find important information. The task book records the tasks that must be performed to complete the goal. The game also offers a variety of weapons for self-defense and finding impostors. Includes guns, knives, and many other tools. Weapons can be used for attack or self-defense. An intelligent choice of weapons can determine your survival in the game. Intelligent interaction with these items is the key to winning in Imposter 3D.

Imposter 3D is attractive because of its lovely graphic beauty and diverse exploration spaces. Along with that is the ability to interact with other players. You can create chats and join groups to complete tasks. Or even “negotiate” to express your opinion and challenge the impostor. Imposter 3D will be an exciting and dramatic experience for you. The game is a tense battle of wits. Let’s take off the liar’s mask with MODLMH in this game!

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Name ID Imposter 3D
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Snow Bat
Size 76MB
New version 9.10.0
MOD Info Menu, Dumb enemy, Get Rewards, No Ads
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