Indian Cooking Star 6.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Indian Cooking Star 6.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Indian Cooking Star 6.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Indian Cooking Star is a delightful culinary game that caters to food enthusiasts and those who want to experience the diverse culinary culture of India. Players take on the role of a talented chef, learning about traditional dishes and unique cooking techniques. With vibrant and high-quality graphics, Indian Cooking Star provides an authentic experience of preparing delicious meals using fresh ingredients. Players can explore distinctive dishes, all meticulously and vividly recreated. Beyond just cooking, Indian Cooking Star also challenges players to manage time and employ various skills to complete dishes within a short timeframe. Additionally, players can create their recipes and showcase their unique culinary talents.

Indian Cooking Star MOD APK – Explore the culinary world

Players will have the opportunity to enter India’s diverse and rich culinary world. The game offers you the chance to explore and experience unique and enticing dishes from various regions of India. You will have the opportunity to learn about characteristic ingredients, cooking styles, and presentation of dishes from each region. From the icy northern regions to the warm southern regions, Delhi has a rich and colorful array of food and vibrant street food. Or it could be the vegetarian dishes in Varanasi. You will be immersed in a unique culinary journey. In each region, you will face unique challenges and tasks, creating diversity and excitement in the gameplay experience.

Menu creation

Not only limited to preparing traditional dishes, but Indian Cooking Star also allows you to create new and innovative culinary creations. Your menu creativity is prioritized. You will be free to design and create unique menus, combining dishes and ingredients in your style. From selecting flavorful main courses to delicious side dishes, you can create exciting and limitless culinary experiences. With a range of characteristic ingredients and different cooking styles from various regions of India, players can combine them to create new and enticing dishes. Creativity goes beyond just cooking. It also includes presenting dishes and flavor choices and creating attractive vegetarian options. Creativity will help you impress and attract diners. This is the key to success in Indian Cooking Star.

Restaurant upgrade

You can customize and upgrade every aspect of the restaurant, creating an attractive and customer-friendly environment. You can expand the restaurant space to accommodate more customers and increase the number of tables and chairs to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Upgrading equipment such as kitchens and ovens will help you cook more efficiently and prepare delicious dishes quickly. Shopping for and decorating interior items such as decorative lights, paintings, and plants will also help create an elegant and stylish space. Moreover, you can add new dishes to the menu, diversifying it to cater to the preferences of different customers. Players can create a diverse and enticing menu, from unique main courses to exquisite desserts.

Boosters and unlock new restaurants

The Rocket Boost is an exciting feature that helps you progress further in your culinary journey. When you reach a certain level or complete specific objectives, you can use this feature. When using the Rocket Boost, you will have the chance to unlock new restaurants. These restaurants appear in exciting and diverse locations throughout the game’s virtual world. Each new restaurant brings along a range of unique and diverse culinary challenges. From cooking signature dishes to serving different types of customers, each restaurant offers a fresh and exciting experience. Not only does it help you expand your business, and each new restaurant provides an intriguing glimpse into the diverse culinary cultures worldwide. From India to Italy, China, and many other countries, you can explore and experience dishes from various regions.

Indian Cooking Star is a combination of culinary experience and simulation. The game provides players with exciting moments and creates delicious meals on mobile screens. Indian Cooking Star opens up a diverse and enticing culinary world waiting to be explored. Join MODLMH in exploring and conquering the challenges in this captivating game. Indeed, these will be unforgettable experiences.

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Name ID Indian Cooking Star
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher TheAppGuruz
Size 113MB
New version 6.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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