Judgment Day 1.10.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Easy Win, No ADS]
Judgment Day 1.10.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Easy Win, No ADS]

Judgment Day 1.10.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Easy Win, No ADS]

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Between the choice of going to heaven and going to hell in Judgment Day. The final story of human life after death. They will have to apologize for the confessions made in life while they were still alive. Here, you will become a judge. Representing angels and demons to interview the dead. Through that will decide whether they go to heaven or go hell. This game belongs to the simulation genre. Re-enact the judgment day of the afterlife. As a judge, you need to act in a transparent manner. Make the right decisions about the actions to which they confess. Accordingly, the game also incorporates puzzle elements. It is necessary to think before proceeding with the trial. Also can use help from the lie detector.

Description about Judgment Day MOD APK – Become a Judge of Heaven and Hell

The story of Judgment Day takes place on the day of judgment in the afterlife. Fantasy setting about a day of the doom of all mankind. There is no division of high or low, position or popularity of people. They will have to climb the first ladder after death. This place will decide whether they can go to heaven or not. Or will have to go to hell and suffer torture. Through it, each person will have to confess to their actions. Meanwhile, you will represent angels and hell. As a judge, there is jurisdiction. But it is necessary to act fairly. Make the bad guys go to hell to take responsibility for their actions. Or help good people get to heaven.Judgment Day

Puzzles by level

The gameplay of Judgment Day is played by levels. With puzzles revolving around the confessions of the dead. Each level plays out an interesting quiz about each person. Go through each confession about the actions done. From there you will judge, then the final decision. Complete a challenge in the level play. There will be a chance to get interesting rewards. Those are gold bracelets, used for trading. Or unlock new features that help you dig deeper into the game’s content. Continue the magistrate’s duty at the new level. Tried the dead with many different roles. As well as the difficulty will increase. Through their confessions, it is possible to deceive you to get to heaven. It is necessary to detect and handle in time, not to be misjudged.Game Judgment Day

Multiple characters with confessions

Through the judge duty in the game Judgment Day. There will be a lot of people in life doing different jobs. Including policemen, men, female employees, and celebrities. There are many other characters that will be met with each level increase. Each of them will have their own confession. For example, the police have been corrupted and no longer perform their duties properly. Capture rare animals and torture them. Free the criminals who are incarcerated. Taking bribes from criminals for child support. Or the one who was famous for the money of a rich old man accepted to marry that person. But use all the money to donate to charity. Or a murderer who confessed to killing his wife. But to free her from the torment of cancer.Download Judgment Day

Hand-drawn graphics, fun sounds

To recreate a fun game when joining Judgment Day. Graphics have been used in a hand-drawn style. With a unique depiction of character creation. Expressed through humor about actions and gestures. A specially styled character with a bigger head, small body. Combined with the background scene, the surroundings are bright. Will be changed after going to hell, and the burning flames will reappear. Or go to heaven, and the character will have a cheerful attitude. Along with that is funny sound effects. Be modified in accordance with your judgment. When the character commits too many sins, he will go to hell. The screaming sound was reproduced very vividly.Tai Judgment Day

Modified MOD information of Judgment Day

  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • No ADS

Judgment process as a judge in Judgment Day. Will be turn-based, with each character’s confession. For example, in one level of play, a character will have many different confessions. Through each action they take, you will choose a judgment. Then, based on the confessions are evaluated by the score. Between heaven and hell, whichever side has the higher score will decide the character. To enjoy life after death or to take responsibility for actions done before. To avoid mistakes, sometimes it will be necessary to use a lie detector so as not to be fooled by them.

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Name ID Judgment Day
Updated On 23/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Matchingham Games
Size 145MB
New version 1.10.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Easy Win, No ADS
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