Knife Hit 1.8.21 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock All Knives, VIP]
Knife Hit 1.8.21 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock All Knives, VIP]

Knife Hit 1.8.21 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Unlock All Knives, VIP]

By The Toan - (Period 4 months ago)

Knife Hit is a game about knife throwing. Accordingly, you will have to launch all the stars into the log. Destroy the target to be able to complete the mission and continue to the new challenge. Based on the mission system, each stage of the game takes place. Along with challenging rules that need to be followed. Will have to play again from the beginning when failing, only when passing the mission can you go to a new stage. Through it will have the opportunity to explore many different types of knives. But they need to be unlocked after meeting the level requirements for completion. At the same time, you will receive slices of red apple. From collected challenges, can then be used in trading activities. Unlock some new features to enhance the experience.

Description about Knife Hit MOD APK – Precision Knife Launch Mission

Based on the idle play mechanism that takes place during the knife ejection process. You just need to touch it to throw the knife at the target. After launching all the required number of knives, make sure not to slide the launch into the previously launched knife. Successfully destroyed the stele into small pieces. From there will complete the task to continue to the new challenge. Although the gameplay mechanics are quite simple, it is very easy to implement. But overcoming the challenge will not be easy at all. Because the stele is designed in a round shape and will rotate automatically according to inertia. Meanwhile, you must not make a mistake even once. Because if you can’t launch all the stars into the stele, you will receive failure.Download Knife Hit MOD

Tasks in stages

Based on the knife launcher content of the game to perform the task. Unlock challenges in stages. Start at the first stage with a relatively small number of knives to launch. It will be easy to launch the whole thing at the target to complete the mission. But continuing to the new stage, the number of knives will gradually increase. Make it difficult for you to overcome. Because the radius of the target does not change, the number of knives to be launched is larger than before. This will narrow the space to launch the knife further back. Not stopping there, along with the movement following inertia, it will be more difficult to determine the point to launch. Makes it easy for you to slide into another knife and receive defeat.Game Knife Hit MOD

Challenging boss stages

According to the rules of the game takes place in the game Knife Hit. After each pass the challenge to complete 4 stages. Coming to the 5th stage will have to face the boss challenge. Accordingly, the number of knives to be launched will be much larger than in conventional stages. At the same time, the stele is made of many different types. Along with that is the obstacle of sharp spikes with high hardness, unable to launch knives. Make it very difficult for you to complete the task. But that will add to the fun, requiring high-precision launching skills.Knife Hit MOD

Different types of goals

The normal knife stages will be opened with a wooden plate. But the boss stage will be created by many different types. For example lemons, shields covered with thorns, cheese, tomatoes, and others. Each goal will be shaped in its own style. Shown in color, with accompanying obstacles. But besides that, there is also the appearance of red apples. They appear randomly at some stage. You can collect by launching the precision knife to cut into slices.

Choosing after failure

Complete each stage in turn to continue to new challenges. But after receiving failure you have two different choices. Watch the promotional video or follow the request to be able to continue the previously failed phase. Or start over from the first stage, which will take more time to play again. At the same time, it is not guaranteed to reach the previous stage. It is up to your choice when the dagger fails to perform its own actions.Tai Knife Hit MOD

At Knife Hit there are many different types of knives used for launching. They are designed in a unique shape. The difference can be seen through the handle and blade. Along with that, the size of each type of knife will not be the same. With a diverse collection will help you explore freely. But it cannot be used for free, instead will have to use the collected apple slices to unlock. Depending on the type of knife will require different quantities. Or through the unlocking operation, when reaching a certain stage, you also receive new knives.

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Name ID Knife Hit
Updated On 12/01/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ketchapp
Size 58MB
New version 1.8.21
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlock All Knives, VIP
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Update 12/01/2024 (4 months ago )