Minicar Drift 2.1.9 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Minicar Drift 2.1.9 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Minicar Drift 2.1.9 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Come to the races in the game Minicar Drift. Enjoy the dramatic competition that takes place on the road in a variety of environments. Along with that is the presence of many opponents that need to be overcome in order to win. From there, aim to become the champion of the tournament. Based on the content of the game participate in speed races. With a lot of unique features provided by the system. From a diverse system of racing cars designed with unique and different designs. Until the rich racing map that takes place in many environments. Moreover, the combination of sharp 3D graphics. With bright image quality reproduced in full color. Promises to open interesting and exciting races for you to enjoy.

Minicar Drift MOD APK – Competitive Speed ​​Race on Multiple Maps

Enjoy racing with more than 70 different tracks waiting ahead. These include Air Circuit, Water Land, Rock Village, Off-Road, F1 Circuit, and many more. Each track is designed for different environmental conditions. The difference is also reproduced through the environment and landscape. The Air Circuit, for example, takes place in the clouds. Or the track on the rough rock, on the water. Moreover, the roads are designed on craggy cliffs. There are many other races that will be open waiting for you to explore. But besides that, it should be noted that each track is designed with different terrain. So it needs to be kept in mind because knowing the terrain will bring a better advantage when racing.Ear Minicar Drift MOD

There are 9 different races

Get ready to participate in 9 races in the game with 9 championship titles waiting for you to win. Includes Rookie Champion, Amateur Champion, Pro Champion, Champion, Legend, and many more. Each race opens up competitive races with a specific number of times. Come to each race to compete with other competitors. You need to overtake them and reach the finish line to win. From there can continue to the next race. Repeat this until you pass the competition rounds and get the highest rank. From there can win the championship and receive the title of champion. Then continue to the new race with bigger challenges waiting ahead.

The races will be held in tiers with different difficulty levels. For example, in the rookie race, it will be very simple, because this place gathers amateur and inexperienced racers. But when it comes to the legendary race, here gathers the champions of many tournaments. They are skilled and experienced, with extremely skilled racing abilities.Minicar Drift MOD

Gameplay and rules

In each race taking place in the game Minicar Drift will be in real-time. The race process with the participation of up to 12 people and is divided into a specific number of laps. Adopt a third-person perspective to control your vehicle on the road. Compete with the remaining 11 opponents with the goal of winning first place. Aim to the finish line with the lead and win. Repeat this until you complete the races in each tournament. Achieving excellent results will become the champion. From there, you can prove your skills but also have the opportunity to rise to the rankings and be known by many people.

After each race ends, your achievement will be based on multiple categories. Includes completion time, and achieved rank. Achievements are expressed through the number of stars, which can be achieved up to 3 stars if completed excellently. At the same time, based on that will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount.Game Minicar Drift MOD

There are 19 racing car models

There are different racing car models offered by the game. According to the information in the introduction, there are currently 19 racing cars. Includes supercars, police cars, racing cars, monster trucks, and more. Each model has a unique design. It can be easily seen through the design of the entire body, the head, and the size. Along with that, the color of each painted car is not the same. Their performance is assessed by technical parameters. You can learn to choose the right car model for you. But it should be noted that if you want to own a new racing car, you will have to pay a fee.Download Minicar Drift MOD

To be able to earn gold coins in the game Minicar Drift. In addition to receiving rewards after completing races and winning high rankings. You can also collect more while competing with opponents on the road. Accordingly, the gold coins appear scattered, need to move accurately to collect. Besides, you can also through other activities. For example, get rewarded from time to time for a chance to earn large amounts. From there used to unlock new racing cars and upgrades.

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Name ID Minicar Drift
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Size 130MB
New version 2.1.9
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )