Nexomon 4.3.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, unlocked full version, free shopping]
Nexomon 4.3.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, unlocked full version, free shopping]

Nexomon 4.3.3 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems, unlocked full version, free shopping]

By The Toan - (Period 6 months ago)

Welcome to Nexomon , the adventure role-playing game inspired by Pokemon. This game will take you on the endless adventure journey of the beast master. Your mission is to fight against the wandering Nexomon to collect them into the collection. There are hundreds of Nexomon with different skill sets. Don’t miss any chance to hunt for the most powerful and unique monsters. Besides, you can upgrade them to improve your combat ability. The greater the power, the more interesting the adventure. Many new areas are waiting for you to come to explore.

Description about Nexomon MOD APK – The adventure of the monster master

The story of Nexomon begins when you play as a beast master. The game’s context takes place in a fantasy land, where there was an epic war between humans and the dark forces of Omicron. Humans defeated the enemy thanks to the support and companionship of Nexomon. They are beastly creatures that are small but have great power. After hundreds of years since the war ended, the forces of darkness have risen again. Now, a big mission rests on your shoulders MOD APK – a young leader. You need to assemble the Nexomon team to save the world again.


Gather Nexomon for battles

Your adventure journey officially begins here. It is a long journey through many chapters and many challenging missions. You need to complete each mission to receive rewards and unlock new content. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to discover interesting details in the story of the game. But those are not the details to be told at length. Instead, the game offers exciting battles. Wars are the place to show off your strategy. Only winning will help you unlock new chapters.

Before going to war, you need to assemble the Nexomon team. In the initial stage, you only have ownership of a few basic monsters. But as the level progresses, more new monsters will be unlocked. Each monster has its own power and skill set. Come up with effective combo strategies to gain an advantage in battle. On the battlefield, you have full control of the game. Click on the respective skill cards of each Nexomon to attack or defend however you like.


Grow your Nexomon collection

Nexomon brings over 300 different characters to capture and train. Each warrior has its own profile with different attribute stats. Besides, the Nexomon system will include many classes with different power sources. It is this that creates diversity in the world of Nexomon, just like in the world of legendary Pokemon. The monster system becomes more and more diverse the further you go. New chapters will bring new creatures, giving you more interesting options.

Besides, according to the level of progress, you can upgrade the Nexomon system. Each Nexomon will have attribute stats such as HP, ATK [damage], DEF [defense], SPD [speed], and more. After each upgrade, these stats will be improved and enhance the monster’s power. Besides the change in power, the Nexomon system will also evolve in appearance. At the highest level, the monster will have a cool appearance and great power. Do you want to see that power threshold? Upgrade and shop for boosters to upgrade non-stop.


Discover interesting stories

Not only the battles, but this game also contains a great story. It is well built with many chapters and a tight character system. The characters appearing in the game all possess certain roles. You can discover their stories through conversations. Besides, you also have the opportunity to meet monster masters. Moreover, your journey will go through more than 10 different areas. Each area brings new landscapes, new enemies, and friends. Don’t hesitate to explore them all.


2D design, vibrant effects

The game impresses with its classic pixel combination 2D design style. As a result, the Nexomon world appears both vivid and close to all players. The system of Nexomon monsters is extremely diverse. Each monster has its own beauty and great skill effects. It is the skill effects that make the appeal of every battle. The battle sounds and background music are equally vibrant.

Modified MOD information of Nexomon

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems
  • unlocked full version
  • free shopping

So what else do you hesitate? Nexomon is available here to download for free on your phone. Join this game to start an epic adventure with the beast master. This is your chance to explore the world of beasts, meet top masters and enjoy exciting battles. Go further to discover more. And you will become the best Nexomon master on the leaderboard!

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Name ID Nexomon
Updated On 24/11/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Size 991MB
New version 4.3.3
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems, unlocked full version, free shopping
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Update 24/11/2023 (6 months ago )