Parking King {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, FREE CAR -999999, SPEED)
Parking King {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, FREE CAR -999999, SPEED)

Parking King 1.0.30 APK MOD (Menu, FREE CAR -999999, SPEED)

By The Toan - 19/02/2024 (1 week ago) - 47MB
Name Parking King
Updated On 19/02/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher mobirix
Size 47MB
Version 1.0.30
MOD Features Menu, FREE CAR -999999, SPEED
Update 19/02/2024 (1 week ago )

Parking in the parking lot is still difficult for you. Let’s experience the Parking King game inspired by it. Open up different locations to test your parking skills. As well as test your ability and help you to improve better. Through many situations that are recreated based on reality. This game is a simulation game genre. The content follows parking situations with multiple levels of play. Your task is to park the car in the required location. There must be no collision with any obstacles or vehicles. Because that will lead to failure and not completing the task. Let’s overcome all the challenges to become a professional drivers.

Download Parking King – Drive Your Car To Take Parking Challenge

Drive your car in the game Parking King. The task of parking the car at the required location is shown by the orange line at a specific location. To operate the moving vehicle and perform the parking operation. You will have to use the intuitive steering system that the game offers. You can also customize the driving mechanism the way you want. In order to bring a driving experience that suits your driving style. Accordingly, it is possible to customize the virtual steering wheel to display the left or right corner of the screen. Likewise, the brake and accelerator will be displayed in reverse. In addition, the gearshift system is displayed in the upper right corner.Parking King

Mission according to the parking situation

Test your skills through parking levels in Parking King. Each level corresponds to a realistic simulated situation. Accordingly, you will have to drive the car to move and perform forward or backward to park correctly. After making sure the test that I passed. From there, use the automatic transmission to switch from D or R to P. This means you will signal the completion of the test. Based on your performance and parking location. From there will receive bonuses corresponding to achievements and participation levels.

In each parking level that takes place, the achievement is represented by the number of stars. Accordingly, you can reach the maximum number of stars, 3 stars. But it is necessary to fulfill the conditions given in each challenge. For example, collect the yellow star, park the car and change the gear to P the specified number of times. Moreover, there are many parking times at different locations. Meeting each required condition in turn will complete the mission excellently, with the maximum number of stars.Game Parking King

Challenging challenges after each level

Every time start a new parking challenge in Parking King. The difficulty will increase to create complex parking situations. Accordingly, there will be many factors to change, as well as the quest to open will be more difficult. From the starting position to the parking spot, there will be a longer distance. As well as the terrain is complicated and there are many bends and turns. In addition, at the parking location, there are many other vehicles parked around. There is only a small space for you to take the parking challenge in. Not stopping there, there are more parking situations on a level. You need to drive as directed after completing a parking challenge, get to the next parking spot, and do it.Tai Parking King

Diverse car collection

Parking King provides players with a diverse collection of vehicles. With so many different vehicles to explore. Examples include passenger cars, pickup trucks, sports cars, two-door cars, and more. These are vehicle segments in the game, each with different models. You can choose to own a car of your own. But you need to be careful to use your favorite medium. Will have to use the money earned from previous challenges to unlock. Each vehicle will require a different amount of money. Owning will help you have a better driving experience. Increase the enjoyment in the next parking challenges.Download Parking King

In addition to the parking situations according to the level of the Parking King. You can also participate in online multiplayer mode. Through it will have the opportunity to compete with real players. Test your parking skills with them to find the winner. Based on the rules of classification wins and loses in this mode. You will have to complete the parking challenge before your opponent. Only then can you win and receive rewards. Moreover, the game also supports the leaderboard feature. After overcoming many opponents will have the opportunity to rise to the ranking of the best parking drivers.