Racing Smash 3D 1.0.53 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamond gems, unlocked everything]
Racing Smash 3D 1.0.53 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamond gems, unlocked everything]

Racing Smash 3D 1.0.53 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money diamond gems, unlocked everything]

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If you are bored with the usual racing games, you should try Racing Smash 3D right away. It is a racing game combined with action elements, promising to make you excited to find new sensations. It brings you hundreds of offline racing levels to play wherever you are. Your opponents are AI motorcycles with high speed and agility. You have to beat them not only in speed to win the race. Unlock your favorite cars and the most powerful weapons. Just one tap to eliminate any opponent. Are you ready to do that?

Racing Smash 3D MOD APK – New and thrilling motor racing gameplay

What do you think about racing games? It’s a game that requires driving skills and speed control, isn’t it? But Racing Smash 3D is completely different. It’s simpler than you think but no less thrilling than any traditional racing game. Join the game, you will become a professional motorcycle racer. Your job is to win against every other opponent on the track. In particular, there are no rules or restrictions here. You can do everything, including intentionally bumping and attacking others. Besides, your racing journey will go through many different locations from the city to the beach. Enjoy their beauty with vibrant music.


Show your skills on the track

This game has a single mode and it consists of hundreds of different levels. You will start with the easiest level, then gradually unlock new challenges. At each level, you have to complete a certain number of tasks besides finishing first. For example, you have to survive at least 5 minutes, attack at least 3 opponents on the track, and race at least 5km… To complete these missions, you need to master driving skills and have a good strategy. wise strategy. As for driving, you just swipe left or right. To attack someone, drive close to them and perform a kick or hit with a stick.

However, besides other competitors, your track also contains many dangers. These are unexpected obstacles like wooden crates, road barriers, speed bumps, vehicles on the road, signs, and more. So you need to pay attention to everything on the track. If the collision hits an obstacle, the vehicle’s speed will decrease. If it’s a hard hit, you’ll have to start again from the starting line. Therefore, although the driving mechanics are quite simple, this game requires your concentration. Try to outdo, beat others and finish in the first place.


Unlock new motorcycles and weapons

Racing Smash 3D offers a lot of cool motorcycle models in the game store. You can unlock all of them as long as you have enough coins and reach the required level. However, if you want to own rare cars, you must have enough diamonds or gems. Each car has a certain stat MOD APK – Health. The higher this stat, the longer your motorcycle can survive on the actual track. So you need to spend money to upgrade your motorcycle, thereby improving your chances of winning the race. Besides, your win rate depends on the weapon.

There are dozens of different weapons like baseball bats, pans, Thor’s hammers, branches, guns, and more. Each weapon will have its own effect to help you adapt to many situations on the track. Most weapons have a short range, but guns are the only weapons that can be used at long range. To unlock them, you also need to spend gold coins. In addition to the aforementioned weapons, you can also pick up temporary weapons on the track to use. The most typical are giant bombs that can destroy any motorcycle. But pay attention, your opponent can also use weapons or bombs to respond.


Various and beautiful maps

The racing world of the game is very diverse and vivid when designed on 3D graphics. It can be a racetrack in the heart of a town, city, beach, urban area, wild suburbs… Each track has its own beauty, but all have colorful colors. Moreover, it contains realistic constructions, road vehicles, passersby, and even airplanes. So the realistic racing scene will make you excited. In addition, the vibrant music and a series of eye-catching effects make the track even more thrilling.

Modified MOD information of Racing Smash 3D

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of diamond gems
  • unlocked everything

Don’t miss Racing Smash 3D because it will give you endless fun. It’s the place for super addictive fast-paced action racing tracks. Show your bravery and agility to conquer all. There are dozens of models of motorcycles and weapons for you to accomplish your goals. Download the version of the game here to shop without waiting.

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Name ID Racing Smash 3D
Updated On 26/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher GamesUnion Technology Co.,Ltd
Size 176MB
New version 1.0.53
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money diamond gems, unlocked everything
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