Rodeo Stampede 4.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, No ADS]

Rodeo Stampede 4.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, No ADS]

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Rodeo Stampede 4.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, No ADS]

Rodeo Stampede is a super fun action game. There, your task is to collect different animals and bring them back to your zoo. To do that, you will participate in racing tracks. You will ride “4-legged friends” and cross many dense forests. Just click and hold your finger at the right time to switch between different animals. When you come across a new species, catch them quickly. Don’t forget to take a great photo to capture the memory of your hunting trip. Then you will see new species appear in your zoo. What could be better? You are not only an adventurer and a hunter but also a talented zookeeper.

Rodeo Stampede MOD APK – Build and manage your zoo

Have you ever thought of becoming the zookeeper of your dreams? Rodeo Stampede will make your dreams come true. It is built in an exciting fantasy world. There it offers a zoo in the sky behind the clouds. Your mission is to develop this zoo into a vast empire to attract residents. From there, you will earn a lot of money to upgrade and expand the zoo even more. But where will you collect wild animals? It’s from fast-paced race tracks. Rush to the track and find new species. You will turn your zoo into the most crowded tourist destination in the world.


Join the fun race

Entering the track, your goal is to race as long as possible and catch as many moves as possible. So what is your racing vehicle? Those are animals that run continuously on the track. You will start with a zebra, followed by pigs, buffaloes, cows, birds, monkeys, chickens, ostriches, and even dragons and dinosaurs. Each species has a different running speed so there will be dozens of surprises on your track. To ride them, you need to click and release them at the right time. Specifically, you have to click to jump high, then release your hand at the right time to land on the back of another animal. Each animal only lets you ride for a certain amount of time. When you see the sign [!], quickly switch your mount.

Besides, you need to control your animal properly to overcome obstacles. It could be rocks, trees, riverbanks, wooden crates, or anything else. You need to move left or right to dodge these obstacles. This is not too difficult until the running speed is faster. Obstacles will appear with a higher frequency, making you more likely to collide. So keep a certain concentration to conquer your track. On the track, you will be notified if new animals appear. You need to quickly ride it and take a photo to commemorate.


Build your own zoo

When you catch a new animal on the track, it will be transferred back to your zoo in the Rodeo Stampede. Just like that, your zoo will grow and diversify. From there, it will attract a lot of visitors to help you make a lot of money. However, don’t forget to renovate and expand your zoo from time to time. You need to plant more trees to make food for animals, decorate the barn, and clean and divide the zoo into different areas. Avoid conflicting animals so they can thrive. The construction and renovation of the zoo will require a lot of investment costs. Therefore, you need an effective financial management strategy.


Customize appearance

You can use the money earned for many things, such as unlocking new items. The game offers a lot of different skins for you to customize your character. You can turn into an elegant cowboy, a jockey girl, or anyone. With a new look, the characters in the game will give you new inspiration. But skins do not change the speed or accuracy of the character on the track. So the race results will depend on your skills. The better you play, the higher the rewards. That is the principle of this game.


Friendly and funny pictures

As can be seen, this game brings friendliness at first sight. Because it is designed on 3D graphics with a square block animation style. Although everything is quite simple, it is still very authentic. You will see many wild animals that are super funny and no different from reality. Big elephants, epic dragons, speed zebras, and more are all on the track. Admire their beauty there or right in your zoo. The funny background music also contributes to great relaxation.

So, do not hesitate to download Rodeo Stampede to your phone now. It will delight you with its simulation gameplay and funny action. You can join the races with funny animal friends. You can also develop and decorate a huge zoo by yourself. Have fun with the wild natural world here.

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New version 4.3.0
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