The Road Driver 3.0.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Full Huge Amount Of Money, Vehicles, Level Max]
The Road Driver 3.0.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Full Huge Amount Of Money, Vehicles, Level Max]

The Road Driver 3.0.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Full Huge Amount Of Money, Vehicles, Level Max]

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The Road Driver by MODLMH is a truck and bus driving simulation game. Set in a vast city that has been faithfully recreated. Here you will play the role of a driver to operate the vehicle. Move on wide roads and perform different jobs. Accordingly, it is possible to participate in offline mode and experience it for free. There are many unique features offered by the game. From a diverse vehicle system including many car models. Until the graphics are built on a vivid 3D platform. With sharp image quality and realistic motion effects. Moreover, the sound system is simulated realistically, reflected in the sound of the car’s engine when pressing the accelerator. Or change according to each activity taking place on the road.

The Road Driver MOD APK – Truck And Bus Driving Simulator Game

Here the game simulates a large world, divided into 2 different maps. Included in the city center and suburban areas. In each map is designed realistic traffic structure. Expressed through interconnected routes. From the asphalt road in the street, to the dusty dirt road outside. Along with constructions like houses, shops, refueling stations, and much more. Besides, on the traffic routes, there are also the appearance of vehicles. With many models moving at speed ranges on the lanes. The above factors will simulate the real world. Promises to bring you a realistic driving experience during the game.The Road Driver MOD

More than 30 car models

The game offers a diverse vehicle collection. Includes more than 30 different car models designed based on reality. According to the information provided, through future updates. The vehicle system will be added to give you more diverse choices. They are divided into three categories including trucks, trailers, and buses. Each car is simulated with different designs and sizes. That difference is also reflected in the paint color, the design of the head and the tail. In addition, the performance of each vehicle is evaluated in detail through technical parameters. Including weight, speed, fuel consumption, and many others. However, it should be noted that to own a new car will have to be unlocked.Game The Road Driver MOD

Customize media

After owning a car in the game The Road Driver. You can customize it with many different options. Change default paint color with multiple colors. For example red, yellow, black, white and more. It’s even possible to blend the paint your way and apply it to the vehicle. Besides, there are many other customizations. Raise and lower the chassis to change the height of the vehicle. Customize the lighting system with a variety of bulbs. Or change tires and rims with a variety of sizes. There are many other accessories for you to proceed with vehicle design.Tai The Road Driver MOD

Obey traffic rules

Drive a truck or bus on the road. That process will have to drive to obey traffic rules. Stop at red lights when crossing intersections, and do not encroach on lanes. Try not to collide with traffic or obstacles. Because that will affect the operation, and even cause serious accidents. Besides, it is necessary to drive the vehicle according to the instructions, which can be tracked through the mini-map system. Aim to park the car safely and at the designated location to complete the mission.

Control system

The vehicle operating mechanism is designed to be intuitive. Use the virtual steering wheel to navigate the road. Combine with the accelerator and brake pedal icon to move. Besides, the system also simulates basic operating features. Includes turn signal lights, and hazard warning lights. Wipers are used in rainy weather conditions. Turn lights on and off in the night environment. Many other features are provided and displayed on the screen, shown through icons. Make it easy to use to operate the vehicle.Download The Road Driver MOD

Promising to bring a realistic simulation driving experience when participating in The Road Driver. Accordingly, the game provides many additional features for you to use during the game. Includes a change-of-view mode, with many different viewing angles to choose from. For example third-person, horizontal or from the driver’s position. You can also choose between an automatic or a manual transmission. With different usage mechanism, bring a vivid driving feeling. Moreover, the game also allows customizing the driver character. With outstanding outfits to change the look.

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Name ID The Road Driver
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Long Path Games
Size 218MB
New version 3.0.2
MOD Info Menu, Full Unlimited Money, Vehicle, Level Max
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )