Top Speed 1.44.02 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Top Speed 1.44.02 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Top Speed 1.44.02 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Challenge mafia bosses in the game Top Speed. Follow the speed racing gameplay that takes place in real-time. Here crime bosses take control of cities. You will have to compete with each boss in turn in a 1vs1 gameplay. Aim to overtake them in the speed race to win. From there, replace the boss’s position of holding power. The races in the game are all held outdoors. Away from busy traffic routes. Accordingly, there will not be any vehicles or obstacles that affect the racing process. You just need to accelerate by shifting gears in real time to overtake your opponents. Aim to reach the finish line in the shortest time and ensure the lead to win.

Top Speed ​​- Speed ​​Racing with Crime Bosses on the Streets

Based on the content of the game revolves around competitive races with bosses in many cities. Accordingly, you will have to participate in the race and face 20 different bosses. They are criminals who control cities. Each boss is shaped in its own unique style. The difference between them is reflected in the system of racing vehicles used. Accordingly, each boss will drive his own racing car to compete with you in each race. To be able to progress further will have to win and complete the mission. But after competing in turn with other bosses. The performance of the vehicles they own, along with their greatly improved racing skills.Top Speed ​​MOD

There are 69 racing cars

There are all 69 different racing cars on offer. Each vehicle is uniquely designed and possesses outstanding performance. These include sports cars, classic cars, supercars, and more. Each category has a variety of choices for you to explore. The performance of each racing car is judged by the technical parameters. Including power, weight, transmission, and ruggedness. Depending on each vehicle, there will be different indicators at the beginning. However, in addition to the car, it is free to unlock when new to join. The rest have to pay to be able to own. Through the money earned from the race and accumulated. From there, you can choose and buy the car you love.Game Top Speed ​​MOD

Upgrade parts

After owning the vehicle you love in the game Top Speed. Technical specifications can be upgraded. Through the use of money to customize and improve car parts. Includes engine, transmission, exhaust, wheels, nitro, air intake and body. Each part can be upgraded to enhance its own performance. For example, the engine increases power, the transmission improves its ability to shift gears over time. Wheels increase friction for better traction and increase stability for superior handling. Besides, you can also customize the body of the car. Through changing the paint color as desired. As well as decal stickers to make the vehicle stand out on the road.Tai Top Speed ​​MOD

Use nitro

Nitro is the energy that can help your racing car reach its peak. Accordingly, nitro is used in the race but will limit the time. After use will increase the maximum speed for a short period of time. If used well, it can be very effective. As well as gain an advantage over opponents to increase the odds of winning bigger. Through the upgrade, use the money to make improvements. From there can increase the time to use nitro in future races.

Leaderboard mode and street racing

In addition to racing with the crime bosses who are controlling the city. The game also offers a number of other modes for you to participate in. Includes leaderboard competition and street racing. Each mode opens speed races according to its own gameplay. For example, comes the leaderboard mode to compete against each higher-ranked opponent in turn. After winning against them in the race can increase their rank and take their place. Besides, the street racing mode brings you to exciting competitions. Race against your opponents on the street with the goal of winning and getting rewards.Download Top Speed ​​MOD

The race in the game Top Speed ​​is held in 5 districts of the cities. Set in Asia Minor, where China and the West meet. Accordingly, you can race from the suburbs to the downtown area. Each district in a city has recreated the environment and landscape in its own way. Along with that is the different weather conditions. As well as the day and night environments are nicely recreated.

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Name ID Top Speed
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher T-Bull
Size 86MB
New version 1.44.02
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )