Zombie Derby 2 1.0.18 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel]
Zombie Derby 2 1.0.18 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel]

Zombie Derby 2 1.0.18 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)

In an apocalyptic world at Zombie Derby 2. You will have to drive the cars to overcome the rough terrain. At the same time fight the zombies along the way. Only when the driver destroys them can they continue to move forward. Accordingly, the content of racing combined with shooting is opened, and the task of survival before the scary zombie hordes. This game is an offline game. When participating will have to perform challenges, according to each mission that takes place. Moreover, it increases attraction when enjoying competitive battles. The publisher has provided an online mode feature. Allows you to participate in the match with other players. At the same time, the environment where the war takes place is reproduced on vivid 3D graphics.

Description about Zombie Derby 2 MOD APK – Drive Vehicles and Shoot Guns Against Zombies

The setting of Zombie Derby 2 opens in a fantasy world. When humanity is faced with the apocalypse. Standing on the edge of doom, every civilization has been nearly destroyed. Buildings turned into rubble. Humans had to die after the disaster with countless corpses. Those who are lucky to survive are the last hope to restore the world. But after the post-apocalypse, they have to face the appearance of scary zombies. Those are bloodthirsty zombies looking for prey. In such a large number that it would make any survivor tremble. To be able to escape the hunt and chase from them. They used vehicles to move around. Also improved to add attack equipment and weapons. Aim to destroy the undead on the way to escape.Zombie Derby 2

Style play

Become one of the lucky survivors in Zombie Derby 2. Use transportation to start your escape journey. The process will have to take advantage of the vehicle being driven. Combined with the attack system equipped to fight. Aim to stop all enemies to survive. Run away from the zombies before they surround you and take your life. Accordingly, a car race takes place on the road with the craziness of the terrain. Combined with intense shooting action. Aim to overcome the bloodthirsty zombies trying to come towards you.Game Zombie Derby 2

Level-based missions, gradually difficult challenges

Ready to perform the task in the game Zombie Derby 2. With a lot of different challenges taking place at each level of play. Your mission is to control the vehicle moving on rough terrain. Also attack by shooting to pass zombies. After getting rid of them will complete the challenge, and end a level of play. Continue new mission at next level. The difficulty to face will increase, with many new challenges. Not only the environment opens up in another location. The terrain is also changed, making it difficult to control the vehicle. At the same time, a number of zombies appeared than before. Make you constantly attack when encountering to be able to pass.Ear Zombie Derby 2

Many factors to evaluate the performance

Achievements in each level take place in Zombie Derby 2. It is evaluated by many different factors. Includes cup, number of zombies killed, time to complete, and number of stars. Accordingly, during the performance of the task. Based on the number of zombies killed, by shooting them down. The number of cups will not stop increasing. At the same time, bombarding objects and traps that appear on the way also increase the cup. After overcoming all challenges to complete the mission. Through the time gained and the number of zombies killed. Then you will receive a corresponding bonus. The difficulty increases in the next levels. There will be a chance to receive a larger amount of bonuses.

There are 8 vehicles

From driving vehicles to overcoming dangerous zombies. There will be opportunities to explore many different mediums. Zombie Derby 2 game owns 8 cars. Includes Veteran classic car, Peacemaker military vehicle, Butcher truck, and Justice off-road vehicle. There are a few other vehicles that you will discover when participating. Each type is designed in an antique style. The difference between them is also assessed by the maximum amount of fuel contained. However, to be able to own will have to unlock. Based on the level gained from accumulating experience points. When reaching a certain level, the corresponding vehicle will be unlocked.Download Zombie Derby 2

Modified MOD information of Zombie Derby 2

  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of Fuel

The process of driving a vehicle on a mission at Zombie Derby 2. In addition to attacking zombies by shooting. Will have to control the operation of the vehicle stably. Because the rough terrain can be flipped after each speed increase to pass. At the same time, the number of bullets will decrease according to the number of shots. So be careful, use only when necessary. Furthermore, the use of NO2 can be combined for faster acceleration. But it can only be used for a certain period of time.

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Name ID Zombie Derby 2
Updated On 12/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Brinemedia
Size 56MB
New version 1.0.18
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Fuel
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Update 12/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )