Zombie Warrior: Survivors 2.0.8 APK MOD [Instant Kill]
Zombie Warrior: Survivors 2.0.8 APK MOD [Instant Kill]

Zombie Warrior: Survivors 2.0.8 APK MOD [Instant Kill]

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Zombie Warrior: Survivors is set in a fictional apocalypse. Open shooting-style survival battles. Thereby against the waves of attacks from zombies in the city. The goal is to shoot down enemies to reduce their numbers until they wipe them all out. Complete progress to win and conquer challenges. This is a game in the action category of the publisher BiPub. Built-in shooting-style gameplay. The top-down view gives you the overall view. At the same time provides many unique features to experience. From diverse mission systems to interesting game modes. Along with that is a unique battle mechanism and attractive rewards to be received.

Zombie Warrior: Survivors MOD APK – Fight for Survival in a World Full of Zombies

Become the lucky survivor of the apocalypse disaster. But the danger is not over, now will have to continue to fight with scary zombies. Under the thirst for blood, they will constantly search for prey and attack. There is no choice but to fight, through the equipped gun. Since then, non-stop firing to destroy all waves of attacks from zombies to protect yourself. Besides, it is also possible to rescue others who are trapped. From there, recruit them to the team to increase the number, and improve their ability to fight strongly. Also, collect valuable items and uncover unknown mysteries in the post-apocalyptic world.Zombie Warrior- Survivors MOD

The quest goes on and the difficulty increases

Perform staged missions in different areas of the vast city. Each stage opens up a survival shooting war. Accordingly, it is necessary to complete the progress, shown by the horizontal bar displayed. Then fend off the onslaught from the zombie boss. Only by defeating and wiping out all fearsome enemies can one stage mission be completed. Then can come to the new quest opened by the system in another area. But the difficulty also increases from there with the great challenge from the zombie crowd. Especially facing a boss with much more terrifying power.Game Zombie Warrior- Survivors MOD


Based in real time taking place in the game Zombie Warrior: Survivors. How long can you survive in a fight at each stage? How many zombies can be killed and how many people can be rescued? Thereby will receive valuable rewards. Based on the number of enemies killed, survival time, and the number of people rescued. From there will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. They can be used to upgrade or perform trading operations.Tai Zombie Warrior- Survivors MOD

Fight off many zombies and bosses

The process will have to fight against many different zombies. They appeared in large numbers, creating waves of fierce attacks. The difference between zombies is shown in size and speed. For smaller size zombies will have fast movement speed. In contrast, zombies are large in size, although slow, but possess a large amount of health. Can withstand multiple attacks from survivors. This will put them in danger, even losing their life if they run out of blood. Especially facing the boss is one of the biggest challenges. Because the boss possesses the ability to outperform ordinary zombies.

Recruit multiple units

In addition to the survivors rescued during the battle. You can recruit more units to fight the waves of scary zombies. For example, special forces units, gangsters, doctors, firefighters, and many more. Each unit is shaped in its own distinctive style. Also equipped with unique weapons to attack enemies. Their abilities are also reflected in their strength stats. In particular, it is possible to upgrade the level to improve the index, through the use of gold coins. But in order to unlock new units, the corresponding level must be met.Download Zombie Warrior- Survivors MOD

Zombie Warrior: Survivors game also has many different modes for you to enjoy. Includes Idle mode, PvP mode, and Car mode. Each mode opens up battles according to its own gameplay. When participating must comply and perform the required tasks. For example, in PvP mode will have to fight with other survivors. They are online players who have to compete in large arenas. The goal is to kill them all to find the last survivor. Or Car mode allows you to drive on the road. Find a way to escape from the crowd of zombies to survive.

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Name ID Zombie Warrior: Survivors
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher BiPub
Size 88MB
New version 2.0.8
MOD Info Instant Kill
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