Asian Cooking Star 1.80.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Diamond, Gold]
Asian Cooking Star 1.80.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Diamond, Gold]

Asian Cooking Star 1.80.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Diamond, Gold]

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Asian Cooking Star is a fun game on mobile phones. The game takes players on a journey to discover diverse Asian cuisine. The game possesses addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. Asian Cooking Star allows players to experience the role of a talented chef. You will learn how to cook traditional and innovative dishes from Asian countries. The game features a variety of traditional recipes from diverse cuisines. For example, Japan, Korea, China, and many other countries. From exquisite sushi and tempting fried noodles to fresh spring rolls. You’ll be guided through each cooking step to create delicious dishes like a professional chef. Asian Cooking Star encourages you to express your creativity by customizing and adapting dishes, from changing main ingredients and additives to presentation. You can create novel variations.

Asian Cooking Star MOD APK – Explore the culinary world

In Asian Cooking Star, you will be immersed in a beautiful culinary world. This world opens before your eyes with multinational culinary feasts, from delicate Japanese to mouthwatering Chinese and delicious Korean. Each country will bring a list of signature dishes. You will be given step-by-step instructions to cook them. You can learn how to make fresh Japanese sashimi. Try your hand at Chinese fried noodles. Or create traditional Korean bibimbap. From the preparation of ingredients to processing techniques, you will undergo a professional learning process. Thereby becoming a talented chef. In addition, Asian Cooking Star also encourages you to customize the ingredients, combining different ingredients during the game. This helps you express your style and personalize the dish in your way.

Customer service

You will take on the role of a professional chef. This is the time to show off your quick thinking, cooking, and time management abilities. It is an essential requirement to meet the customer’s requirements. Customers who come to your virtual restaurant will order food and wish. You must work handy to prepare and cook the food to their request. Depending on the difficulty of each dish and menu, you may have to perform many different cooking steps. Time management is also critical. Customers won’t be able to wait too long. You need to handle multiple items at once efficiently. Then, all customers will be served at the right time and with the best quality. Success in serving customers will bring high scores and bonuses. They help you unlock more dishes and new recipes and improve your shop.

Kitchen upgrade

Upgrading the kitchen is an integral part of improving your cooking skills. It also helps you unlock more complex formulas. As you earn money from serving customers, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances and cooking tools. Upgrade the oven to cook faster. Buy large pots so you can cook multiple dishes at once. Improve tools like knives and pans to increase cooking efficiency. This not only enriches the game but also boosts your creativity. Besides upgrading equipment, you can also upgrade shops and interiors. This creates a more comfortable and inviting workspace. Thereby helping you attract more customers and make an impression in the Asian Cooking Star community.

Become a top chef

To become a top chef, you must show your excellent cooking ability. This is based on preparing diverse and complex dishes, from cooking traditional dishes to creating unique variations. You will need flexible thinking to satisfy diverse customer requirements. In addition to the ability to cook, time and ingredient management is also essential. You will have to handle multiple items at once and make sure they are all finished with quality. Efficient management capabilities help you optimize production and customer service. Becoming a top chef brings titles to each person. You will learn, challenge yourself, and even share experiences with a community of other players in Asian Cooking Star.

Asian Cooking Star is an engaging and creative game. It has given players an exciting experience in culinary and restaurant management. Exploring the diverse world of Eurasian cuisine, becoming a talented chef, and interacting with customers make the game attractive. The rich cooking system, res, restaurant customization, and equipment upgrades create a sense of continuous progress and foster creativity. Asian Cooking Star is truly a unique journey. Let’s enjoy MODLMH with diverse flavors and challenges in virtual cuisine.

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Name ID Asian Cooking Star
Updated On 06/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher TheAppGuruz
Size 91MB
New version 1.80.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Diamond, Gold, No ADS
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