Dark Hunter: Idle RPG 1.0.12 APK MOD [Full Money, Diamond, Gold, Free Upgrade]
Dark Hunter: Idle RPG 1.0.12 APK MOD [Full Money, Diamond, Gold, Free Upgrade]

Dark Hunter: Idle RPG 1.0.12 APK MOD [Full Money, Diamond, Gold, Free Upgrade]

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Based on the role-playing gameplay in the journey against the forces of darkness. Through the story of the game Dark Hunter: Idle RPG in MODLMH. According to the idle action mechanism that takes place in the wars. You will play as a hero to carry out the mission to protect the world. Fight monsters and demons in challenging combat. This is a game in the role-playing category, which combines idle gameplay. It is possible to participate in offline mode that opens in a variety of environments. Along with exciting features to bring the best experience to players. From equipment to valuable items. Moreover, there is an innovative attribute system for you to customize your character.

Dark Hunter: Idle RPG MOD APK – The Battle To Protect The World In Idle Action Game

Set in a fantasy world shrouded in darkness. After the appearance of the devil, everything turned into chaos. A tragedy struck the world with terrifying invasions. There are many people who have died in the fight to save the world. But that still can’t stop the attacks from fearsome enemies. So that everyone’s sacrifice does not become meaningless. You will transform into a hero and embark on a challenging journey. Fight against enemy forces in locations to protect the world. Prove to the dark forces the true power.Dark Hunter- Idle RPG MOD

There are 6 heroes with unique abilities

Before starting the journey against the dark forces to protect the world. You can choose to play as one of 6 different hero classes. Includes warriors, wizards, beast trainers, knights, magicians, and necromancers. Each hero is shaped in its own distinctive style. It can be seen through the unique outfit, facial appearance, and weapon. Accordingly, each hero possesses different attributes. For example, witches have the ability to buff attacks and deal damage with dual swords. Or the warrior possesses superior defense and can enchant. Many other characters will be explored during the character selection phase.Dark Hunter- Idle RPG MOD

Hero’s Strength Stats

Find out in detail the strength of each hero in Dark Hunter: Idle RPG through different stats. Includes attack, speed, reload time, crit rate, defense, magic damage, and more. Depending on the hero will own different stats. Accordingly to improve their abilities, enhance combat power. It is possible to equip items collected through battles or crafting. Includes hat, armor, belt, pants, shoes, rings, necklaces, charms, and weapons. Each piece of equipment after being used, depending on each attribute, will increase the corresponding stats.Dark Hunter- Idle RPG MOD

Hundreds of costumes and thousands of devices

According to the information provided in the introduction of the game. There are now hundreds of outfits and thousands of gear for you to use. Each type is engraved with different designs, colors, and sophistication. To possess them can be through many ways. In addition to collecting during the war, receive randomly after defeating the enemy. Or successfully defeat bosses and scary monsters at some stage. Moreover, it is possible to use items to conduct crafting. Besides, the equipment can be upgraded to improve the attributes.

Staged quests in multiple locations

Follow the game’s plot to complete the mission. Unleash battles in many different locations. Each location is divided into several stages. Play as a hero to participate in each stage of the battle with enemy forces. Alone you will have to fend off each wave of attacks from them. Use skills to deal damage, draining them of health. Over time, defeat each enemy in turn until wiping them all out. From there will win and complete the mission at a stage. Continuing the quest at a new stage will face even greater challenges. At the same time, when reaching a certain stage, new locations will be unlocked.Download Dark Hunter- Idle RPG MOD

Go through the battle stages in the game Dark Hunter: Idle RPG. Will face a lot of different enemies. They are terrifyingly shaped monsters. With many varieties such as reflective creatures, dry skeletons, beasts and more. Besides, the appearance of dozens of different bosses. They appear at a certain stage. Possesses abilities far superior to ordinary monsters. Make the battle between heroes and bosses extremely fierce. If unable to withstand the fierce attacks from the boss will cause the hero to lose his life.

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Name ID Dark Hunter: Idle RPG
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Loongcheer Game
Size 1.06GB
New version 1.0.12
MOD Info Full Money, Diamonds, Gold, Free Upgrades
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