Idle Lumber Empire 1.9.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gems everything]
Idle Lumber Empire 1.9.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gems everything]

Idle Lumber Empire 1.9.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money gems everything]

By The Toan - (Period 2 hours ago)

Idle Lumber Empire is a wood manufacturing business management simulator. Join the game, you will start to run a small wooden workshop inherited from the family. Your mission is to develop it into the top wood empire. To do that, you have to complete many different tasks every day. For example, you have to unlock and upgrade workers, train them to work better, manage sales staff, receive wood orders, expand factories, improve vehicles, etc. But only need to touch the screen to do these things. With idle gameplay mechanics, the game will help you relax.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK – Manage the lumberyard to become rich

There are many ways to become rich, and one of them is to join the Idle Lumber Empire. This idle game will make you the tycoon of the lumber industry. When you first start, you have nothing in your hand except a small amount of capital. But under the guidance of the assistant, you can manage the wood workshop better to make a profit. Through wood trading activities, you will earn more money to upgrade the wood workshop non-stop. And you will soon become a tycoon if you play hard.


Manage the operation of the wood workshop

To become a good boss, you need to master the operation of the wood workshop. Basically, it consists of several successive stages. Starting with the logging phase, you need a group of skilled workers. You will train them to both harvest wood and plant trees to green all forests. This helps you always have rich resources to exploit continuously. After that, the wood will be transferred to the workshop to cut, grind and form many other products such as tables, chairs, and beds,…

Then you can sell the wood products to the customers to earn money. Or you can sell unprocessed wood to construction contractors. Just like that, your wood workshop will become the leading wood producer in the city. You will get more orders and more money and witness the amazing cash rush. But learn how to manage expenses to control the finances of the business. You need to spend more on upgrades and expansions, but make sure you get better returns.


Advertise to get more orders

To consume wood from your lumberyard, the marketing phase is the most important in Idle Lumber Empire. You need to spend money on marketing campaigns to promote the brand. From there, more customers will know about your wood workshop and have attractive offers. You need to build a team of talented salespeople to take orders and take care of customers. At the same time, make wise decisions. The best way to make more money is to get the most potential orders.

When there are more orders, you need to upgrade and expand the lumberyard. There are many things that need to be upgraded, from the workshop area, the number of machines, the qualifications and the number of workers to the number of departments and more. Let’s spend reasonably on the pants in the wood workshop. Better machines will help you craft more valuable wood products. Better transportation also saves time. And more workers will make the management process idler. You will become an idle tycoon if you have an effective management strategy.


Manage and upgrade employees

There are many types of employees that will work in your lumberyard. First of all, you need another group of miners and wood growers. Next, you need experienced drivers to transport wood to the workshop. Of course, woodworkers are indispensable in each production area. In addition, you also need marketing, sales, and management staff. Each employee will play a specific role, helping you to manage the activities in the lumber yard. Don’t forget to unlock and upgrade the employee system to boost profits.


Enjoy the fun cartoon design

Like many other simulation games, this game is designed with a cartoon style. This style helps the game become close and friendly to all players. The image of workers and machines in the wood workshop looks very lovely. Moreover, each image is colorful, bringing a fun atmosphere to your experience. Along with that, soft music will bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Modified MOD information of Idle Lumber Empire

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • Huge Amount Of diamonds
  • vip unlocked

Idle Lumber Empire will make you happy all day with idle gameplay. Come here to learn how to manage the lumber mill and become a rich tycoon. You don’t need to work too much, but you need to know how to manage everything. You will run workers, machines, and orders like a real boss. Every order shipped will bring you a profit. Getting rich has never been this quick and easy, right?

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Name ID Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon
Updated On 14/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 144MB
New version 1.9.9
MOD Info Unlimited money gems everything
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