Kill Shot Bravo 12.2 APK MOD [Full Money, Gold, Huge Amount Of Ammo]
Kill Shot Bravo 12.2 APK MOD [Full Money, Gold, Huge Amount Of Ammo]

Kill Shot Bravo 12.2 APK MOD [Full Money, Gold, Huge Amount Of Ammo]

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Become an agent to participate in the battles of Kill Shot Bravo in MODLMH. Following the shooting style is combined with action elements. You will play the role of an anti-terrorist to prevent threats to world security. Aim to shoot enemies in various locations to destroy them. Win over the dangers and complete the assigned mission. This game is in the action category of the publisher Deca Games. Unleash shooting battles in online campaign and alliance modes. Besides, there are many different pieces of equipment to customize the character. At the same time can freely fight in your own way. Through the diverse gun system provided by the game.

Description about Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK – Become a Special Forces Gunman To Protect World Security

Before the start of the battle, you can customize the appearance of the sniper. With different choices provided by the system. Expressed through facial expressions, skin tone, eyes, and hairstyle. From time to time battles take place against enemy forces. From the activity receiving rewards after completing the tasks. You will have the opportunity to collect various pieces of equipment to customize their appearance. Includes eyeglasses, gloves, helmets, costumes, masks, and more. Each type of equipment has many choices, expressed through design style and color. For example, military or special forces outfits. There are many other types that will be discovered by you after being collected.Game Kill Shot Bravo MOD

More than 4000 missions by campaign

Ready to participate in the anti-terrorism campaign to protect world security. Through more than 4000 quests that take place in different themed battles. Each theme will feature dramatic and dangerous matches. There will be no support from teammates or any alliance groups. Instead, it will have to be alone against all. The goal is to wipe the whole thing and win to complete the mission. The following topics can be explored:

  • Main mission: Through the first-person perspective destroy the enemy before being attacked.
  • Attack Mission: Use the equipped gun to enter the battlefield, and compete with other gunmen with the goal of gaining achievement points.
  • Vehicle Mission: Be transported by teammates on a tank or Jeep to enter enemy territory. Use the gun to attack the enemy during the move.
  • Break-in Mission: Find a way to destroy the enemy base and eliminate all enemies.
  • Black Ops Mission: Become an assassin, use a gun, and enter a secret location. Then kill the specified target.

Kill Shot Bravo MOD

Alliance mode

Test your skills as a pro in Kill Shot Bravo‘s alliance mode. Requires you to be connected to the network because online battles will take place here. With the participation of many players around the world. Accordingly, you can form a team with other online shooters. Then compete with the group of opponents on the vast battlefield. Real-time battle to find the team with the bigger kill score. After the time ends, it will be based on the number of points to classify winners and losers. Besides, you can challenge your friends or join them to perform team tasks. In this mode, every player can use the chat feature. From there, it is easy to deploy effective attack strategies, as well as keep in touch with each other.Tai Kill Shot Bravo MOD

Rivals in wars

Opponents in matches in campaign or alliance mode are all gunners. But they use a variety of weapons and take on many different roles. These can be mentioned as online opponents, long-range snipers, fighters, soldiers using rifles. Marksmen, heavy shooters, criminals and more. Depending on the type of weapon equipped, each enemy will attack in a unique way. At the same time to be able to shoot down will have to have very accurate skills. Especially if you hit the head of the target, you will instantly lose your life with just one bullet.Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD

The Kill Shot Bravo game offers a huge arsenal of guns. Includes many different categories inspired by reality. At the same time, the gun system is divided into 4 types. Includes Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Machine Guns. Each type of gun has many different options. The difference between them is reflected in the design and size. Ability is evaluated by parameters such as damage, ammo count and reload time. At the same time, it is possible to upgrade weapons to enhance the stats. But it should be noted to own a new or upgraded gun. They all have to use money with different amounts to make transactions.

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Name ID Kill Shot Bravo
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Deca Games
Size 120MB
New version 12.2
MOD Info Full Money, Gold, Unlimited Ammo
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )