Roller Ball 5 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited Coins)
Roller Ball 5 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited Coins)

Roller Ball 5 MOD APK 1.3.5 (Unlimited Coins)

By HN - 19/11/2023
Name Roller Ball 5: Ball Bounce
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Great Arcade Games
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money coins, unlock all characters
Size 80MB
Version 1.3.5
Category Puzzle
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Price FREE
Update 19/11/2023 (2 weeks ago )

Solve puzzles in Roller Ball 5 adventure. The content revolves around the rolling action of the ball. Mission to overcome challenges and collect stars. From the information provided and referred to. This game is the 5th installment in the Roller Ball series. Return to the challenging journey. Along with that are new features added. As well as improving many old elements. Help you enjoy a new theme. Through the process of playing will have the opportunity to explore many environments. At the same time face dangerous obstacles. Combine the vibrancy of beautiful, colorful 3D graphics. Along with new skins have been added to change the appearance of the ball. Moreover, rolling ball physics is used to recreate an exciting journey.

Download Roller Ball 5 – Companion with Roller Ball in the Latest Version 

The content of Roller Ball 5 is still retained according to the previous versions. Open the mission system according to each level of play. With more than 100 exciting levels waiting for you to explore. Each level will recreate a journey in a challenging adventure. The task of accompanying the ball rolling through the treacherous terrain. Find ways to overcome dangers such as traps, and obstacles. Also, collect the stars with the required amount in each challenge. They appear randomly at different locations on the terrain. After completing the required condition from the quest join. Can roll to the space door that appears at the end of the map. End an adventure with an outstanding achievement. At the same time have the opportunity to unlock and receive attractive rewards.Roller Ball 5

Difficulty increased, puzzle skill 

Each level of the Roller Ball 5 game is a challenge. After completing the mission to continue on the new journey. The difficulty will increase, opening up more difficult challenges. Not only the environment and terrain are complex. But the number of pitfalls appeared more than before. Creates hazards that could cause the ball to break. At the same time, a large number of monsters stood in the way. Brings tough challenges to overcome. But also this will increase the attractiveness for every player. By having to prove your skills in adventure. With a flexible combination of physical control mechanisms. Observe environmental conditions ahead of the performance. Sometimes you have to solve difficult puzzles to be able to overcome the challenge. The reward received after completion includes gold coins.Game Roller Ball 5

Many missions, collect gold coins 

Follow each adventure that takes place in Roller Ball 5. Accompany the ball to perform a lot of different tasks. Each level of play will have its own requirements. Includes collecting gold stars in the adventure. Rescue your companion who is being held in an iron cage. Defeat the obstructing monsters that appear on the road. Or sometimes will have to fight bosses at certain levels. There are many other missions that will be unlocked one after another. No matter what level of the game you join. Do not forget to collect the gold coins that appear scattered during the rolling process. They will help you increase your bonus after completing the task. Moreover, there is also a chance to get hearts, which can be used to continue a new turn after losing.Ear Roller Ball 5

Dangers, against bosses 

The challenging journey revolves around the quest to accompany the ball. There will be many different dangers to face. In addition to the complexity of the terrain in each level of Roller Ball 5. For example, the saw blade rotates automatically, traps sharp spikes,… sometimes there is a puzzle. At the same time need to overcome scary monsters. For example spiders, spiny monsters, and many more. Especially when it comes to a certain level of adventure. Will face the boss, through combat operation. Only by defeating the boss can the quest be completed. Overcome the challenge to continue to the next level. To fight the boss will need to combine many factors. Dodge attacks and takes advantage when the boss is stunned. Perform a jump action to deal damage.Download Roller Ball 5

MOD Feature of Roller Ball 5

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money coins
  • unlock all characters

In the current version of the game Roller Ball 5. Lots of new skins added. With a massive system to change the appearance of the rolling ball. They have different styles like black panther, cute cat, watermelon, iron man, and Pumpkin. There is much more waiting for you to discover. Each skin is uniquely designed. Combined facial expressions on the ball. Create fun in the companionship of each level of adventure. However, it is necessary to use gold coins to buy. Or complete the level play to a certain stage will be unlocked.

Download Roller Ball 5: Ball Bounce MOD APK 1.3.5 for Android Latest Version 2023

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